Dominator Platinum DDR5, Corsair Unveils New 6400 MHz Memories

Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 memories are new memory kits announced by Corsair. These new memories of the Corsair company can reach 6200 MHz and 6400 MHz speeds. Dominator Platinum DDR5 memory will be available in 2x16GB kits. In this way, users will be able to reach memory speeds that they have not encountered before.

Dominator Platinum models built with DDR5 technology. It provides the best results in compatible systems. Gamers, content producers and websurfers will enjoy fast processing thanks to these RAMs. Dominator Platinum RGB RAMs can be further customized with the new XMP 3.0 support in Corsair iCUE. Every time you save your own XMP profiles via iCUE, you will avoid the hassle of manual adjusting. The new memory of Corsair, designed for Intel Alder Lake and Intel Z690-based systems. So, the support of XMP 3.0 profiles eliminate hassle with manual memory overclocking.

Dominator Platinum DDR5 More Efficient, More Powerful

For greater efficiency, you can customize your profiles by application or task. It is possible to reach the best memory performance with Dominator Platinum RGB RAM. You can also reach higher speeds with the overclocking. Dominator Platinum RGB will have 12 bright addressable Capellix LEDs per module. And it will also have matte black aluminum housing. Like all Corsair products, this new RAMs comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Besides, the DHX cooling design keeps the temperature normal even while overclocking.

Corsair iCUE enables to pick suitable colors for the ambiance on Dominator Platinum. With higher frequency speeds offered by DDR5, users can perform higher performances. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB equipped with an integrated voltage controller. It offers more stable and easier overclocking than ever before.

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