HDR Explained: What Is High Dynamic Range? What Does HDR Do?

With the improvement of technology, many new items have begun to enter our lives. Furthermore new ideas have started to enter our lives with the elements of these items. Today we are offering to respond to the question: “What is HDR” which is one of these elements. In this article, we will explain the concept of HDR and what it does.

The name HDR shows up as the abbreviation of High Dynamic Range. We can clarify HDR as an innovation that works on the range in photos. We can say that it is the innovation that permits us to see the brightest and darkest parts of an image. That implies an all the more clear contrast. Contrast is the difference in brightness or color that makes an object distinguishable”. It is a fourth picture that comprises blending 3 distinct pictures. 3 unique photos to make a photograph that is near the pictures you witness firsthand.

What Does HDR Do?

In the visual shots made utilizing this technology, dark and bright parts reconsidered. The visual introduced to us prepared a while later. 3 unique photos gathered to create the final photo. Thus, the first frame in the photo gains a normal appearance,. The remaining 2 frames focus on the darkest and brightest parts. So it creates final photo in the best possible version. Thus, an HDR applied photos is the mixture of three photos, which provide the best photo. If there is a heavy power supply , activating this mode will provide a better quality.

What is HDR On Camera?

HDR in camera is software found in mobile phones, cameras, in short, cameras. This software generally used by professional photographers. It offers us realistic and eye-catching photos by improving the details. With this, users will get clearer photos by keeping details in brighter and darker areas. In this way, no detail in the photos will miss.

As a note, when you activate the HDR mode on your cell phones, your telephone processor works more. Since when you activate this mode on your cell phone, your gadget will make 3 separate photographs. Then, processor analyze the light and dark parts of these photos. As a final process, it will create a photo with all the details and present it to you. These operations requires excess usage of processor

What is HDR Mode?

These days, High Dynamic Range mode has become programming for the most part found in new age cell phones. This feature offers a more clear and more sensible look, and you can catch everything about the view. You can survey the picture underneath to have a reasonable picture to you among SDR and HDR. Let us remind you that you need to be a little knowledgeable to use the HDR mode.

What is HDR Shooting?

HDR is the integration of the photo taken in 3 different photos. Thanks to the software, to get a clearer detail and realistic image. High Dynamic Range shooting is the photo or video capture obtained with it.

You found a lovely view in an open region around early afternoon and imagine that you need to snap a picture there. Yet the photograph doesn’t come out as you would like due to the daylight. Because of the sunlight, the photo you take comes out so bright that you think that the details in the photo are gone. Thanks to this method, you can ensure that the image you see with the naked eye is close to the image in the photo. To tell a detail about HDR shooting, you need to make sure that the photos you take are still. If you want to take action shots, the photos may be blurry.

What is HDR Video?

Let’s repeat the features of HDR software that we mentioned before. We used HDR software to get more vivid, more realistic and more detailed images in videos and photos. We use the same features to shoot videos. By using HDR software, we can get clearer video shots in bright or dark areas.

Imagine that you are in a nursery full of colorful flowers. You can see every color and detail that you see with your own eyes. HDR video shooting provides the similar experience on your photos. In this way, you can shoot a better quality video. HDR software offers users a high-quality video shooting experience. It provides wide color range, 10-bit color depth and 1024 color shades.

What is HDR Photography?

High Dynamic Range photography is the exchange of the captured photos to the user in a clearer, more vivid and greater way. HDR photos creates with from 0 exposure value where dark areas. And it adds exposed frame, bright areas – exposed frame. Thus, an HDR applied photos provides light balance and improved details.

But if you want to get a quality photo using HDR software, you need to focus on certain things. The mobile phone you are taking the photo with must stabled still in order not to get blurry images. You should make sure that there is no moving object in the frame. To sum up, HDR software is to maintain the color balance between dark and light areas.

What Are The Features of HDR Monitors?

HDR screens are generally preferred by professional gamers and content makers. These monitors provides more details while gaming or watching movie. High Dynamic Range monitors consume more energy than normal monitors, as they have advanced technology.

These screens provide users with a smooth transfer of images in games. Graphic designers and content producers prefer these monitors.

What Are The Features of HDR TVs?

Televisions with HDR feature provides a clearer and realistic reflection of the image. Televisions with HDR software display an image very close to the images we see with our own eyes. It reflects all the details as possible. Most of the new TVs on the market have HDR software. High Dynamic Range televisions are able to provide color balance. It provides better visual experience

Imagine you are watching a movie on TV and there is snow everywhere in a scene in this movie. It is not easy to see the details in this snowy scene. Fine details may lost due to white light, but if you have a TV with High Dynamic Range software, you can see even the smallest details. Generally, 4K smart televisions have HDR TV mode. But there are also smart televisions that are 4K and do not contain HDR. We see that televisions with 4K image quality. But without HDR are insufficient natural image and quality.

So what are HDR10, HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision, which are coming up and popular in HDR? Let us explain these standard differences to you.

What is Dolby Vision?

HDR10 and Dolby Vision makes content look more realistic. Dolby Vision, the most popular High Dynamic Range format today. It is a technology that can handle 12-bit videos up to 8K with 1200 nits brightness.

HDR10 and HDR10+

HDR10 and HDR10+ presents the video and its metadata in the television standard. Utilizing its metadata, the main image process and High Dynamic Range version presents. But, since this is a modified data unexpected images may occur in some parts. HDR10+ content also includes a raw image and metadata. In short, it can present more realistic and vivid images than the standard pictures.

What is HLG?

HLG is abbreviation of Hybrid Low Gamma. Televisions that do not support HDR can display HLG videos as SDR. In HLG technology, SDR converts the raw image. And HLG-supported TVs processes the image and the data. HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards use meta-data to display the image in HDR format. It tells the television how to adjust the colors and brightness. But tis method may cause compatibility issues. HLG technology eliminates the compatibility problem. As we mentioned above, HLG first sends SDR signals instead of transferring data to High Dynamic Range.

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