10 Helpful iPhone Tips Shared By Apple On the Recent YouTube Video

10 Helpful iPhone Tips is the recent video shared on the Apple Support YouTube channel. Here you can see the list of the time-saving iPhone tips.

1. Swipe To Erase A Digit In Calculator

Pressing a wrong number often happens to those who use a calculator app on the iPhone. Users do not know what to do because there is no button to erase the last number. Then, they press the C button to delete the whole number. Whereas, there is an easy way to delete the last digit. If you swipe left or right at the top of the screen, you can delete the last digit. You can also copy the numbers if you long press on the numbers.

2. Pin Shared Content in Messages

With the iOS 15 update, Apple offers a content pinning feature in the Messages app. For this, press hard on the content you want to pin. Press the “Pin” button in the menu that opens. Pinned content will stick in the conversation.

3. Stack Widgets On Your Home Screen

Widgets have become quite popular among Apple users. The large icons of the applications provide a great experience to the users. Did you know that you can stack several widgets on top of each other? To do this, all you have to do is press an empty part of the screen. Then you can stack your widgets by overlapping the widgets.

4. Select Multiple Photos To Add To Other Apps

In some cases, we want to move multiple photos to another app at once. In this case, we try to move the photos one by one. Whereas there is an easy way to do this on the iPhone. To do this, press and hold on an image you want to share. Then drag the image aside. You can create a stack if you click on a different image and drag it over the previous image with another finger. After you move all the photos, you can drag them to the other application to share your images.

5. 10 Helpful iPhone Tips: Save Time Typing With Text Replacement

Do you have phrases that you use all the time while messaging your friends? This feature will save your time. You can write your main message by typing these phrases in a few characters. The name of this feature is Text Replacement. To use Text Replacement, follow Settings/General/Keyboard. You can add your text shortcut by pressing at the + sign in the upper right corner of the Text Replacement screen.

6. Open Camera From The Lock Screen

In some cases we need to open the iPhone camera very quick. For this, Apple offers users two options on the lock screen. First, if you swipe left, you can reach the camera without unlocking your phone. Another method is to press the camera icon in the lower right corner on the lock screen.

7. 10 Helpful iPhone Tips: Scan A Document

Did you know that you can scan a document using your mobile phone? It’s so easy to scan any document with your iPhone camera. To do this, open the Notes app. Click the camera icon on the keyboard and press the Scan Documents button. Then, you will need to position the document in the view.

8. Use Live Text with Camera

Apple announced a new feature with the iOS 15 update. You can now capture the texts in the image using your iPhone camera. For this, open your camera and hold the text you want to capture on the screen. Then click the scan text button in the lower right corner of the screen. Then select the text and click the copy button.

9. 10 Helpful iPhone Tips: Jump To Your First Photo

If you like to take photos, your album will turn into a long document after a while. It may be difficult for you to reach the photos you took in the past. What you need to do to return to the beginning of the album is simple. Press the top corner of your iPhone screen in the Photos app.

10. Search From Your Home Screen

If you use a lot of apps on your iPhone, this feature is for you. If you swipe your finger from the top of your screen, you can reach the quick search screen. From here, you can access the application or function you want. For example, you can access the contact card by typing the name of your close friend. Or, you can start searching in Safari. You can also access different app contents related to your search on the same screen.

You can learn all this practical information by watching the video.

10 Helpful iPhone Tips Shared By Apple On the Recent YouTube Video

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