Xiaomi 12 Series Will Launch on December 28

Xiaomi 12 series is on the way. Recently, Xiaomi made an announcement via its official Weibo account. Xiaomi will introduce the 12 series on December 28. At the Xiaomi 12 promotional event, the company may also launch MIUI 13.

According to some sources, the new flagship phone will have 4 different sizes. These sizes will have the names 12, 12 Pro, 12 X and 12 Ultra. The company stated in its Weibo post that the Xiaomi 12 will be a small-sized phone. From this point of view, we can predict that the company will also launch larger 12 models. Last year, it announced the Mi 11 Ultra in March. Something similar could happen this year. The company may announce the large sizes of the 12 on a date after December 28.

Xiaomi 12 Specifications

The technical specifications of the 12 series are not yet clear. All that we know is that these new phones will feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processors. If the Snapdragon Gen 2 will be on the market, Xiaomi could use this processor as well. Also, Xiaomi will follow up-to-date technologies. It seems that the Xiaomi 12 series will have features such as 120Hz OLED display, fast charging.

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The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi founded in 2010. The company produces consumer electronics and smart home systems. The mobile phones produced by the company reach large sales volumes worldwide. Xiaomi is the second largest in the Android market after Samsung. The company aims to maintain its market share with its 12 series. Last year, the company introduced the Xiaomi 11 model in December. The global version went on sale in February. Something similar could happen this year. Sales of 12 series could start in February 2022.

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